Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bowls are over! College Basketball time?!

But first, my pathetic pick results!
Picks: 17-15 (23-9 without the spread)
Over/Under: 16-16

I went 3-0 on my final three picks, but 0-3 on the over/under for them. Good news is that I also played ESPN's Bowl Mania, where there are no spreads, you just pick the 32 winners, and rank them in order of your confidence. For example, if I picked LSU at #32, I would get 32 points if they win. For the team that I picked with least confidence at #1, I would only get one point if they win, but I would only fail to gain one point if they lose. I ranked in the 98th percentile, only out of first place by 60 points. And guess where I could have made those points up? I picked Michigan as my #31 and Boise St. as my #30!
Oh well. Maybe next year.

I've been keeping up with the mens' and womens' college basketball games a fair amount, so hopefully soon I'll find the initiative to delve into the ACC's impending dominance this season and take a look at the other pretenders who think they can beat the Blue Devils. Like Pittsburgh! How are they gonna come in and beat the Dukies then lose to Dayton by 25??? I don't like the Big East's format.

Also, there is more hype than ever for a College Football Playoff, with several proposals being made, including a Final Four, and even an eight-team playoff, which was proposed by the Georgia Bulldogs' President. I still don't like the idea of a playoff, I'd rather it be two teams who definitely haven't met in the season yet, and have it decided with one game.
If you've got a problem with it, win all your games, then complain that you still don't get a shot at the title.

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