Monday, January 28, 2008

Five sports, one blog!

Men's College Basketball:
I just finished watching the OU/OSU game. It was a dandy. Low-scoring, but good. Oklahoma ended up winning in the end, and they probably deserved it, but I'm just shocked they won, because the Cowboys shot 100% (17-17) from the charity stripe. The Sooners only shot 64% (23-36). You can use the old "Duke logic," saying that they made more than the opponent attempted. So that will be my validation for why Oklahoma came out on top.

Speaking of my Blue Devils, they knocked off Maryland last night AT College Park. Maryland played great, and really exposed the trouble Duke has without a big man. Zoubek is due back sometime in February, so hopefully having that 7' frame in the paint will help them be a more complete team. Maryland should be a royal pain in someone's butt come March, be it in the ACC Tourney or in the Big Dance if they get the nod. The Tar Heels can attest to that.

Memphis was very impressive this weekend as they handled Gonzaga. They've got one more tough test when they host Tennessee in February. They can't look past their upcoming game in two days, though. Playing at Houston will be no walk in the park, but if they go in there and execute their game plan, they should be fine. Obviously.

Major League Baseball:
According to, our favorite Blue and Orange buddies are still the favorite in the Johan sweepstakes, which is rumored to be coming to a much anticipated conclusion in less than 10 days. I know. We've all heard that one before.

And Billy Wagner also called the Mets the "third best" team in the N.L. East right now. It's cool, I'm not mad at him. I don't agree, but in 10 days there will be no doubt who the best team is.

TigerTigerTiger Woods y'all! It's scary to hear him say he hasn't reached his peak yet. He was absolutely dominant on the course this weekend, and the other PGA players can't do anything about it but keep trying to beat him. Several of them including Fred Couples and Rory Sabbatini have spoken out about him, which is ridiculous. Couples may or may not have been joking, but I find it hard to believe that he's not frustrated, along with the rest of the field on the Tour. They should just be grateful he doesn't play in half the tournaments. He has won five of his last six tournaments, and the only non-win was when he came in second to Phil Mickelson at the Deutsche Bank Championship in September. I don't think he'll win the Grand Slam this year, but it should be another seven-win season for Tiger.

American Football:
Prediction for the big game:
Patriots 49
Giants 17
Harsh, but true. Mr. Bill has something up his sleeve, and has since the Patriots beat the Steelers to get over the hump. They keep making you think they'll lose and break your heart in the end. This one will not be a heartbreaker, it will be a barn burner. I'm being generous when I predict New England won't score 50. It's not as if they needed to make anymore statements, but they want to seal the deal in style.

National Basketball Association:
Jason Kidd says it's time to move on! This will benefit every party involved. The Nets will get some young talent they can use for years to come, an aging Kidd will get to go to a contender, and a contender will get a legitimate game in, game out, triple-double threat to lead them through the playoffs. Don't look for him to be dealt to a team in the Eastern Conference. That would be like the Orioles trading Erik Bedard to the Yankees. Eew.

Maybe some Women's College Basketball in the near future. As soon as my Marist Women get into the top 25. They've earned it. I don't want to blog about it and jinx it like I did last time.


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