Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mason Nation reigns supreme

ESPN2 aired a great mid-major game last night as George Mason, who you may remember from a certain Final Four run in March of '06, hosted last year's Duke slayers, Virginia Commonwealth.
Both teams came into the matchup at 7-2, tied atop the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA). At first I thought VCU would take care of business, as they were the hotter team, winning their last seven games, but then I saw the stat flash up on the screen. "George Mason Home Record: 9-0," and let me tell you, Mason Nation was an absolute factor in that game. Tied 25-25 going into the lockerroom at halftime, the fans got loud, out of control, and everything the (lovable) Patriots could ask for.

GMU forced twice as many turnovers as they gave up, rebounded the hell out of the ball, and made their free throws when they needed to. Both GMU and VCU should get the NCAA Tourney nod, and both will be a great 11-14 seed.

George Mason is 10-0 at home and atop the CAA..for now. Lucky for them, that was the only time they face VCU this season due to the 12-team conference. You know what the Rams are saying,: "See you at the Conference Tournament!"

Neutral court I'll take VCU.

Plax, Plax, Plax...
Mr. Burress obviously doesn't read this blog, otherwise he would have known his New York Football Giants aren't going to hold the Patriots below 20, much less score more than 20 themselves. Regardless, he predicted a 23-17 win for Big Blue on Super Sunday.
I'm dumbfounded by this and have no further comment.

P.S. I forgot to mention in my prediction that Tom Brady will throw five touchdown passes and Maroney will rush for two more. Brady's first TD pass will be 50+ yards to Randy Moss, naturally. Maroney won't have a great game. He won't hit 100 yards because the Giants can stop the run, but you can't help but reward him for a great postseason by giving it to him on First-and-Goal from the three-yard line.

Ian who???
Yeah, so Ian Poulter, along with a nude photoshoot inside of a British golf magazine, predicted that he is the chosen one who can give Tiger Woods a run for his money. Like Tiger, his best golf "is yet to come."
Poulter is ranked number 22 in the world and has a handful of European Tour wins, but predicts that he will be victorious in the U.S. Open...which will be held at Torrey Pines...where Tiger just demolished the entire field.
Your best golf may not have arrived yet, but neither has mine. And when mine does, I still won't be able to beat Tiger. Read between the lines. You'll never be better than number two.

In the words of Taylor from Kid Nation, "DEAL WITH IT!"

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