Saturday, January 12, 2008

Can't do much worse than last week

So let's try this again, only with a strategy to call out the oddsmakers!

I expect this week to be the exact opposite of last week. In last week's games, the favorite covered the early game and failed to cover the late game on Saturday. On Sunday, the favorite didn't cover the early game, then covered the late game. This week I'll do the opposite. Not even thinking about the games, just doing the complete opposite from last week's results.

Saturday (early):
Packers (-8) vs. Seahawks
Pick: Seattle

Saturday (late):
New England (-13.5) vs Jacksonville
Pick: New England

Sunday (early):
Indianapolis (-8.5) vs. San Diego
Pick: Colts

Sunday (late):
Cowboys (-7.5) vs. Giants
Pick: The New York Football Giants

Given the high spreads and the expected bad weather in Foxboro and Green Bay, the scores should stay low so I can't see either favorite covering, but maybe that's what the oddsmakers want you to think! Let's see how it plays out!


ERnie said...

Exactly how I'd pick. I think the Pack will win but not cover and the Giants will win outright.

Travis Miller said...

No way the Giants win.

ERnie said...

We'll see. We were both off on the Green Bay game. Although, I had them winning.

Chris Barrows said...

I'm going Giants, not because of my fanhood, but I honestly don't think the Cowboys are as good as they appear. I know they're a great team, but motivation and being the "hot team" does help.

Eli is playing well, I think he's going to keep it up today.

ERnie said...

Toooold ya Travis.. punk