Friday, January 25, 2008

Where oh where has Brady gone? Oh where oh where could he be?

Tom Brady hasn't been practicing. He's been seen sporting a brace. He's got a high ankle sprain.

This is all right before the New York Football Giants take him and the Patriots on in the Super Bowl. I'm not saying that Tom Brady isn't hurt. I'm not saying this is some ploy. But my greatest concern here is from the stand point of a Giants fan. The Patriot band wagon fans(and yes, you're out there...don't tell me you don't exist) now have the open opportunity to try and make excuses if the Giants win the Super Bowl.

The Giants have gained a lot of support the past few weeks. Everyone bet against them, and they win. They are used to being the underdogs. Yet, that's changed lately. 

Yes, they're still underdogs. They're still supposed to lose by 14.5 points(or 13.5, correct me if I'm wrong). But with the fans, they've got plenty of support. Then again, the Patriots are a lot like the Yankees. They're either loved or hated. So support for the Giants comes as no surprise.

All in all though, the way this whole Brady watch(if you want a good search, watch the Chuck Knoblauch vs the law watch) is going, it's just looking to turn as a back up execuse for some. But any true Patriots fans will agree, there is no execuse. It's 19-0, or a failure of a season. 18-1 is a hell of a season, but when you go 18-0, losing isn't an option.

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