Wednesday, November 26, 2008

OneRepublic does not accept Travis' apology...something about it being too late

A disappointing 9-7 after starting hot hot hot out of the gate. I'll be back this week.


Tenneseee @ Detroit (+12.5)
I think Jeff Fisher should be thankful that they get to play the Lions after a loss. I know I'd be.

Seattle @ Dallas (-10.5)
The Vaqueros finally got a big week from Totally Obnoxious. If Tony Romo keeps playing games like that, my "Tony Romo is overrated" argument will become null and void.

Arizona @ Philadelphia (+4.5)
Warren Sapp said it best when he said that Donovan McNabb's career will be most remembered for three things. Throwing up at the Super Bowl, Rush Limbaugh, and not knowing about ties. And yes, a part of me feels a little dirty saying that the dancing queen Sapp knows what he's talking about. Nobody does the paso doble like the QB Killa!


San Fran @ Buffalo Bills (-4)
How is this line only 4? Didn't the bills just drop 54 Sunday? Come on Vegas, let's get with it.

Baltimore (-3.5) @ Cincinnati
Another line that is way to low. The Bengals are terrible. The Flying Flaccos will take this game pretty easily.

Indianapolis (-9.5) @ Cleveland
Have I mentioned how much I hate the Colts and think that they are garbage? Yes? Ok. I'll save the space.

Carolina @ Green Bay (PICK)
The Panthers, coming off an embarassment in ATL, aren't about to win in Lambeau. Prove me wrong, Delhomme.

Miami @ St. Louis (+9.5)
The Dolphins are going to miss Camarillo, but they should win the game. But 9.5 points is a whole lot.

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay (PICK)
Wait, hold on a second. Yes, I can confirm this. The Saints have just scored again.

New York Football Giants (-4) @ Washington
I'm hoping they can give a representative effort at Fed Ex. Plus Clinton Portis is 100% healthy and in manchild mode. Do it.

Atlanta @ San Diego (PICK)
Travis, Travis, Travis. When are you going to realize that the Chargers just aren't that good? This weekend, I'm drinking a six pack of MATTY ICE BABY! I want a Falcons 2 Jersey with ICE on the back of it. That would be bad ass. Cool little subplot here...Turner the burner up against the artist formally known as LDT.

Pittsburgh (PICK) @ New England
You can call me Mr. Simpson or Mr. Bush. Not because I am a vile, reprehensible, hated man, but because I am a HOMER!

Denver @ New York Football Jets (-4.5)
Denver still blows. The Jets are still a very good team. This line is toooo low.

Kansas City (+6) @ Oakland
I'm banking on Oakland cashing in on their outside shot at winning the AFC West! Don't let me down, Cable Guy.

Chicago @ Minnesota (-2.5)
Really? None, Travis? Poor Matt Forte.


Jacksonville (+2) @ Houston
In the beginning of the season, I tell you this is an intriguing, get your popcorn ready matchup. Now? Unwatchable. I hope How I Met Your Mother isn't a repeat, that's all I'll say.


Eric said...

I see you both went for Philly and Dallas. I'm just not feeling it.

9ers are only getting 4 cuz, although the Bills dropped 54 on the Chiefs last week, they also gave up 31 points. Plus, it was the Chiefs.

Travis Miller said...

The ONLY way Hotlanta wins this game is if Mike Vick is under center.


Travis Miller said...

...i can't believe i took the lions.

Eric said...

Seattle is just a sad story.

Travis Miller said...

Even sadder is that I benched Jason Witten this week because I thought he was banged up and wouldn't get the ball.

Eric said...

That does suck. Don't feel too bad though. I forgot that the Cards absolutely suck on the east coast which doesn't bode well for Warner and Boldin being in my starting lineup.

Eric said...

Oh, but I do have this one guy named Brian Westbrook on my team who's finally doing something, after how many weeks?

Eric said...

Looks like Mike is going to go 3-3 on T-day. Unless I jinx ya. 31-20 right now.

Michael J. Clark said...

3-0 on thanksgiving, but 3-8 so far on sunday? and i'm about to go 3-9 on sunday. awful.