Thursday, November 13, 2008

How Does Manny Acta Do It?

The Washington Nationals completed a trade with the Florida Marlins Tuesday, sending Emilio Bonifacio and a pair of minor leaguers to Florida, getting Scott Olsen and Josh "All I Do is Hit Home Runs Against the Mets" Willingham in return.

The deal comes much to my chagrin—with Pat Burrell unlikely to return to Philadelphia, that would have been two Met-killers out of my hair if the Marlins had sent Willingham out of the division. Now he's just going to be playing for those pesky Nat's, who will be bottom-feeders from April to August, then suddenly play like the '98 Yankees when September rolls around.

In spite of my spite, this trade begs the question: How does Manny Acta plan on keeping this circus at bay? He already has Lastings Milledge and Elijah Dukes on his roster—how will Scott "Temper Tantrum" Olsen fit in?


Eric said...

Sorry to comment on something that isn't about your blog but my heart is broken after this Monday Night game. I feel like killing someone actually... Travi?

Travis Miller said...

yeah that was rough...I was actually out covering a basketball game, so I only got to see parts of the game otherwise I'd definitely have something for you. I'll get an NFL blog in this weekend