Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Apologies to BQ

I never ACTUALLY dropped Brady Quinn's name last week. I merely said I was on the "BQ bandwagon."

It didn't occur to me at the time that those few words would cost the man his season. I'm sorry. The blogging gods must have known I still have some frustration towards Matt Ryan for his comeback win with BC at Virginia Tech. That's why he's still healthy.

With that, Week 13 picks. I probably won't be picking Derek Anderson and the Browns this week. I've never been on his bandwagon (so now they'll probably win).


Tenneseee @ Detroit (+12.5)
Oh yes. I'm feelin' it. Not only will Detroit cover, but it will win, too. Something about the pageantry of playing on Thanksgiving makes me think they've got a little magic in them. I'll still take the win if they cover. The Lions SUCK!

Seattle @ Dallas (-10.5)
Picking against the 'Boys last week really didn't make me feel as stupid as I thought it would. Seattle came through in the clutch to help me earn a tie, but that doesn't mean I'll pick them this week, too.

Arizona @ Philadelphia (+4.5)
McNabb will have a great game, but the show will be stolen when Jamie Moyer appears in the owner's box and announces to the crowd that he'll be returning the Philadelphia next season. Errr...


San Fran @ Buffalo New York Football Bills (-4)
I don't know how Trent Edwards is still healthy. He's a gamer. He's been on my fantasy team for over eight weeks now, and only had the one concussion.

Baltimore (-3.5) @ Cincinnati
Something's fishy here. Baltimore has everything going for it, and the playoff spot is anything but guaranteed.

Indianapolis (-9.5) @ Cleveland
Bad times await Cleveland fans. The Anderson household's Thanksgiving dinner will be extra tasty this year. Since you can't hit quarterbacks anymore, broken fingers are the new concussion.

Carolina @ Green Bay (PICK)
I don't know if it's an upset when they're at home and the line is even, but Green Bay has shown me more flash than Carolina this year. I like the Pack here.

Miami @ St. Louis (+9.5)
Rams catch'em sleeping. They probably won't pull out the outright victory, but I like them to cover.

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay (PICK)
This can't be right. Another questionable line. Maybe that's why I don't make the odds.

New York Football Giants (-4) @ Washington
They haven't given me reason to pick against them, but I did anyway last week. How'd that work out for me?

Atlanta @ San Diego (PICK)
This is one of the more intriguing matchups. Everybody should know by now not to underestimate Atlanta. But then in the back of your mind, you STILL don't want to give up hope on San Diego returning to its old self. I'll do the wrong thing and pick the Chargers.

Pittsburgh (PICK) @ New England
Nevermind that "intriguing matchup" crap I just spit about Atlanta/San Diego. Here's a game!

Denver @ New York Football Jets (-4.5)
Something about losing by 21 to Oakland makes me apprehensive about picking Denver to cover or win this game.

Kansas City (+6) @ Oakland
I don't like either team to win this game. It will probably end in a tie, thus, KC to cover.

Chicago @ Minnesota (-2.5)
I will not have the Bears active on my fantasy team this week.


Jacksonville (+2) @ Houston
Well, Virginia Tech and Wisconsin are playing on ESPN2 Monday night, and Kent St. at Kansas could be a potential upset.

Marist (#26 A.P.) @ Oklahoma (#4 A.P.) tonight!
Oklahoma is coming off a one-point home loss to UNC. I'm still cautiously optimistic...


Eric said...

I'm on board with all your picks on Sunday and the Monday night game. However, I disagree with all your picks on Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Eric said...

BTW, if Edwards goes down again you better watch your fucking ass.

Travis Miller said...

hahaha Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!


Eric said...

So Edwards was "injured" for all of the 2nd half.

How about you start hating the Bills as much as you hate the Yankess? Please?

Travis Miller said...

I hate fantasy football.