Friday, November 7, 2008

A Change To The BCS We Can Believe In!

Congrats are due to President elect Barack Obama for making history by being the first half-black President in US History. Good on the American people for getting it right. I will always respect John McCain for everything he has done for the country and congratulate him on his classy concession speech. But back to deportes!

On the extremely rushed and awkward halftime interview between Hack Berman and the Barackstar, el presidente did not go the obvious route when asked what he'd change about sports (roids are bad!). Instead, he mentioned that he would get rid of the BCS. So, thank you America for getting it right again. While the elimination of the BCS should probably not be the nation's number one priority right now (but it should be number two), it would be fun to imagine how the Commander-in-Chief to be's 8 team playoff would look this year.

1. Alabama
8. Boise State

4. Texas
5. Florida

3. Texas Tech
6. USC

2. Penn State
7. Oklahoma

Admit'd watch that. I know I would.

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Travis Miller said...

Thank the BCS gods Penn State lost today.

Who you got in an Alabama/Texas Tech BCS Championship game?

I only ask because neither is going to be playing in it.