Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Didn't Know You Can Tie....

First off, I'd like to wish a happy belated birthday to Miley Cyrus. She turned 16 on Sunday. Oh, sports. Right.

I seemed to have forgotten how much more exciting the weekends are when you make picks. Fantasy Football had really gotten me down in the dumps the past few weeks, so Sundays just haven't been the same lately. That all changed this past Sunday.

Clarkie was ahead of me after the 1 p.m. games. His record was at 7-3, mine at a mediocre 5-5. The possibilities weren't endless, it was mathematically impossible for me to win, given our picks, so only two things could happen for a miracle comeback to garner a tie. I needed my two worst picks to come through for me. Oakland to cover 10 against Denver, and Seattle to cover 4 against the 'Skins.

Do you believe it? Oakland made me look like a genius, not only covering, but winning outright, winning convincingly, AND scoring a season high in points, like I predicted. I felt like a god for about five minutes.

As for the Redskins, everyone in Vegas, and around the country, for that matter, was screaming at them in the final two minutes. Up three points (the spread was four), Washington was driving, inside the Seahawks' 25-yard line, with about a minute and a half to play. They turned the ball over, then Seattle turned the ball back over to the Redskins on its first play.

Take a knee. 20-17 win. Travis gets his tie. Let's do it again this week.

Another thank you goes out to Clarkie for bashing my fantasy team management. Obviously I took no offense to it, after 10 years of fantasy baseball, basketball, football, pick 'ems, etc..., I've come to accept my poor luck. I swear I used to win at a decent clip--it all went downhill when I was on the verge of my third consecutive league title in a fantasy baseball league I do every year. I named my team "Threepeat," and finished in the bottom five.

Things just haven't been the same since. Until Sunday.

Trent Edwards went off for 33 points, Da Bears were playing Da Rams, and I think T.O.'s breakout game has been bashed into our heads enough (but I love it because he's on my team). So I had 109 points and the check mark before the 1 o'clock games were even over. Thank you, Michael J., for giving my team the bulletin board material it needed.

Regardless, Clarkie and I both finished 9-7 with our picks for the week. Acceptable, but nothing to brag about. Gotta get my picks in before Thanksgiving, so I'll probably do that tonight or tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and there are a couple new links posted on the lower right side. I linked up Clarkie's new blog which you should definitely check out, and my Bleacher Report page is linked up, too. Some of the stuff I write here is reposted there, but there's also some original stuff, too (mostly revolving around Marist Women's basketball). Holla.


Eric said...

Congrats Travi. I wasn't aware that you actually won championships before, kinda thought you were in it to be in it. Either way, its always nice to see Trent put up 33 fantasy points, no matter whos team he's on. Next season, when he gets his mechanical problems down and stops fumbling, he's going to be something to watch!

Looking forward to the predictions

Travis Miller said...

Fantasy sports definitely help in terms of following the sport closer and being able to stay up on league-wide stats, etc..., so that's definitely a top reason I do it. BLOGGIN TIME!