Saturday, November 22, 2008

Does Travis Think He's Better Than Me?

Yes. He does. If he can do picks, I can do them too. Let's roll.

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh (-9)
For some reason, I'm thinking Ben goes for 250 yards, throw for a touchdown and runs in another.

Houston @ Cleveland (-2)
Brady with a broken finger? Trouble in Lake Erie! Something tells me a healthy Sage is worse than the golden boy. Brownies FTW!

San Fran (+6.5) @ Dallas
Romo with another week to get healthy PLUS a healthier Jason Witten? Mike Singletary is going to be caught with his pants down.

Tampa Bay (-7.5) @ Detroit
I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for that hideous attempt at humor that previous line. The only reason why I am leaving that sentence in there is so that all you kids out there will know that you do not need to be funny or clever to try stand up comedy.

New York Football Jets @ Tennessee (1.5)
I'd love to drink the Jets Gatorade, but the Titans are a better defense. And I believe there is a positive correlation between the strength of ones defense and the odds that said team will be successful in a championship setting.

Buffalo (-3.5) @ KC
To answer Travis' question, they can absolutely lose this football game. Tyler Thigpen is joining Mastri and Durden as the most successful Tyler's ever.

Chicago (-6) @ St. Louis
Neck-beard should be better than he was last week against GB. He couldn't be much worse. Lovie Smith should write Roger Goodell a letter thanking him for allowing the Bears to play STL.

New England (+1) @ Miami
An absolute must win for Belichick. And he does not lose must wins. (DISCLAIMER: In order to appreciate the previous sentence, one must forget Super Bowl XLII, last year's AFC Championship game, 2006's AFC Divisional Game. Thank you.)

Minnesota @ Jacksonville (+3.5)
I jumped on the Gus bus a few times this year earlier too, T. It was a bumpy ride but All Day Peterson will be too much for the disappointing Jags.

Philadelphia (+4) @ Baltimore
Love the Flying Flaccos to bounce back this week. Viva la Delaware!

Oakland (+10) @ Denver
Can Denver give up its playoff spot? Does anyone want to see them in the post-season (except the other five AFC playoff teams)?

Carolina @ Atlanta (-1.5)
I've been drinking the Matty Ice Gatorade for awhile now. The guy is very savvy back there and has some Tom Brady-like glimpses (strong words!). Atlanta is a tough team to beat at home and the AFC South roulette will continue.

New York Football Giants @ Arizona (+7.5)
I don't know if I should be the one to break the bad news to Travis that Edge James gets as much action on Sundays as Lee Suggs does. Wow, even I think that was a low blow. My bad, dude.

Washington @ Seattle (+4.5)
Let's not get crazy, Miller. Seattle is awful and the 'Skins need to start to win some games again.

Indianapolis (-4) @ San Diego
As much as I want to hate Peyton, I can not. That son of a bitch has to make me laugh every time I see that new Mastercard commercial. God, I hate the Indianapolis Colts.

Green Bay @ New Orleans (PICK)
Reginald Bush is back and Drew Brees is coming off a strong game. Come on, Saints, show me there's still fight in you. I want to see four 10-6s in the NFC South. Is that too much to ask?

Just have to throw this in there. My love of Travis Miller is unquestioned and my respect for him as a sports fan is monumental. However, I really genuinely hope that he is in every fantasy league I am ever in for the remainder of my life. How can someone so knowledgable turn into Hank Steinbrenner on draft day. Ocho Cinco? Carson Palmer? What part of the 2007 Cincinatti Bengals inspired you to make those selections?

PS, if you check out Unsuccess Story, there is a piece on my man-crush on JT. Do the right thing.


Travis Miller said...

Great anticipation on the Thursday night game. I figured you'd take Cincy.

Eric said...

I see you linked Tyler Thigpen with Tyler Mastri.. Does this mean Thigpen will break his leg now?