Friday, September 12, 2008

NFL Week One, Facebook Mini-Feed Version

Chad Ocho Cinco has changed his name to Chad Johnson.

Chad Johnson and Reebok are no longer friends.

Jessica Simpson posted on Tony Romo's wall:
"We're gonna kill the Indians today, right baby?"

Michael J. Clark posted a comment in the group "Patriots 19-0 in 09!"

Michael J. Clark has left the group "Patriots 19-0 in 09!"

Bernard Pollard has 2982 new friends.

Brett Favre and Jerricho Cotchery are now friends.

Mike Holmgrem created event "Open Wide Receiver Tryout!!!!!"

Scott Linehan is hoping Donovan McNabb would just get hurt already!!

Vince Young wants his mommy.

Michael Turner posted on Ernie Sims' wall:
"Later bro!"

Jon Gruden and Jeff Garcia are no longer friends.

Torry Holt and Chad Johnson have added "Without a Trace" to their Favorite TV Shows.

Terrell Owens wrote on Usain Bolt's wall
"Yo, make sure you tune in! LOL!!!!"

Rashard Mendenhall is wondering why his Willie Parker voodoo doll isn't working yet.

Braylon Edwards has removed "catching the ball" from his interests.

LeBron James and Pacman Jones are now friends.

It's Complicated between Giselle Bundchen and Tom Brady.

Steve Smith wrote on Ken Lucas' wall:
"Great win today. I still want to punch you in the face."

Kurt Warner is saying an Our Father for Matt Leinart.

Matt Leinart is looking for his Beer Bong.

Peyton Manning is hoping John Madden doesn't demand his promise ring back.

Brett Favre has created the group "Aaron Rodgers Blows"

Brett Favre has changed the name of his group to "Aaron Rodgers Got Lucky in Week One But Still Blows"

Eddie Royal has joined Facebook.


Travis Miller said...

I think you've pretty much covered it all, with the exception of Trent Edwards.

Trent who?

Oh yeah, I forgot. Nobody cares about the Bills.

Eric said...

I'll kill you

Travis Miller said...

I've got a scary status update for the Colts:

"Adrian Peterson is glad he finally knows what he's doing"