Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just to add an exclamation point

In a Jayson Stark article from Monday, he cited some research from Bill James Online.

If Major League games only last six innings, the Mets would lead the division by 11.5 games.
If games only lasted eight innings, the Mets would lead the division by 6.5 games.

Here's another interesting statistic I researched on my own:
The Mets are 0-2 this season in games where they give up a grand slam to the opposing pitcher.

Every time you think "Today will be different. The Mets' bullpen will keep a one-run lead today," they blow your mind and rape any confidence you have by giving up four runs to the Braves in the eighth inning.

Any other team with a one-game lead and six games left, two of which are being started by Johan Santana, would be punching their ticket for October.

As for the Mets, this is their mind set: "We're going to win our Shea finale on Sunday. Johan is pitching. But will we really have anything left to celebrate at that point?"

Santana will probably get shelled by the Cubs today, who are completely stacked from the right side. It will be a miracle if the Mets can go 3-3 the rest of the way. That won't earn a playoff spot.

I am the epitome of a disgruntled Mets' fan. I can't talk sports right now. I don't have it in me.


Eric said...

My prayers are with you

Travis Miller said...

Why can't the Phillies be bad like the Diamondbacks?

On paper, the D'Backs are much better than the Phils.

Eric said...

wheres the week four predictions or the pennant race talk?? slackers

Travis Miller said...

I still can't blog. I have nothing meaningful or insightful to say. Just a long slur of curses.

Eric said...

How about a shout out to the league champ? I also won the other league I was in! 2 for 2 in fantasy baseball!! and the Dodgers are in the playoffs!!

.. oh sorry