Sunday, September 21, 2008

Week 3 Picks

After a winning week 2, let's keep this up, huh?

Tennessee (-5) over Houston
Arizona (+3) over Washington
Carolina (+3.5) over Minnesota
Atlanta (-5.5) over Kansas City
New England (-12.5) over Miami
Buffalo (-9.5) over Oakland
Cincinatti (+13.5) over NYG
Chicago (-3) over Tampa Bay
New Orleans (+5.5) over Denver
San Francisco (-4) over Detroit
Seattle (-9.5) over St. Louis
Jacksonville (+5) over Indianapolis
Cleveland (+2.5) over Baltimore
Pittsburgh (+3.5) over Philadelphia
Green Bay (+3) over Dallas
San Diego (-9) over NY Jets

1 comment:

Travis Miller said...

I have no idea how you had the energy to blog last night. I was thinking about it but I couldn't.

Things I'd like to talk about:

Derek Jeter sucks
The Yankees suck
Yankee Stadium is a piece of crap
NASCAR is retarded for drug testing unless they find out their drivers are driving drunk
Ryan Howard needs to stop hitting home runs.