Thursday, September 4, 2008

Time For More Crappy Picks!

One of the things I have been looking forward to this year is showing the world how terrible I am with picking the games.

NYG (-4) over WASHINGTON: While I think that the Giants will not finish over .500 (!), I really see the Giants winning this game.

SEA (+1) over BUFFALO: I do like the Bills, but I get burned way too much by the Seahawks. They just don't lose games that I think they will lose.

DETROIT (-3) over ATLANTA: The Matt Ryan era will not start well.

CINCINNATI (-1.5) over BALTIMORE: You can't trust a rookie to win their first game in the season. Neither of these teams will be any good this year anyway.

PHILADELPHIA (-7.5) over ST. LOUIS: The Rams defense can't stop anyone at all. Philly takes this easily.

PITTSBURGH (-6.5) over HOUSTON: Could be a good game, but I think Pitt will win by a TD.

JACKSONVILLE (-3) over TENNESSEE: Your AFC South winner will have a tough game against the Titans, but the Jags will pull this out.

NEW ORLEANS (-3) over TAMPA BAY: The high flying offense will get off to a better start in 08. Could they get to a worse start?

NEW ENGLAND (-16.5) over KANSAS CITY: The Pats couldn't stop anyone this preseason, but come on. Brodie Croyle against the Pats? Come on, man.

NEW YORK JETS (-3) over MIAMI: Interesting game this week. Lots of subplots.

SAN FRANCISCO (+2.5) over ARIZONA: One of my few "upsets" this week. SF will take this game.

SAN DIEGO (-9) over CAROLINA: A Steve Smithless Panthers team scares exactly nobody. Come on.

DALLAS (-5.5) over CLEVELAND: I still don't believe in the Browns.

INDY (-9.5) over CHICAGO: Terrible Bears offense vs. a better than average Colts defense? Easy pick.

MINNESOTA (+3) over GREEN BAY: The Tarvaris Jackson/Aaron Rodgers matchup is about as exciting as...well, the second Monday night QB matchup.

DENVER (-3) over OAKLAND: If you are watching this game, you are either a fan of Denver or Oakland, or you have a gambling problem.


Michael J. Clark said...

4-5 before the late games? awful.

Eric said...

Buffalo baby!!