Monday, September 15, 2008

Vol. II

Meet the Mets,
Greet the Mets,
Come on out and beat the Mets!
Hola! Bienvenidos a "Collapse, Volume II," starring those lovable losers, Los Mets!

Amidst another collapse, a little less impressive than last year's, and possibly overshadowed by that of the Diamondbacks and the Brewers, the Mets are having another domino effect.

It starts with the bullpen. New York relievers have been blowing games all year long, and just like last year, that's how it started. As the morale dropped, the starting pitching faltered. Then it drifted slowly but surely into the offense. I'm currently witnessing the beginning of stage three, where one of the most potent lineups in the National League can't put more than a single run on the board against the Washington Nationals, a team that has given up the second most runs in the league (Colorado).

I'm never big on trashing players I normally like and support, so I need to choose my next words wisely. But first, let me get this off my chest:

I've never supported Luis Castillo as a Met. I liked him...on my fantasy team...about eight years ago. He shouldn't have a four year, $25 million contract. He's getting traded in the offseason...if anyone will take him. Our GM doesn't work Brian Cashman-like miracles here (Randy Johnson, Kyle Farnsworth, Jaret Wright), though Omar Minaya does have the Guillermo Mota-for-Johnny Estrada trade under his belt (the Mets released Estrada about a week after acquiring him--how valuable does that make you feel, Guillermo Mota?).

Trashing the bullpen is too easy, so I won't contribute to my impending Carpal Tunnel.

I'm leaving the offense alone, because today was the first really embarrassing game for them. Wright has been hot, Delgado has been carrying the team, and Reyes and Beltran have been making timely contributions.

Onto the starting pitching. Pedro Martinez reminds me of a pitcher I watched contribute more than his fair share to last year's collapse, a man by the name of Tom Glavine.

I appreciate all that Pedro has done in his career, even some of the diminutive contributions he's allegedly made in his years in Queens (yeah, ouch.). Right now, he isn't much appreciated by Mets fans. Pedro is a competitor, and his consistently poor performances have to be eating him alive. The Mets won't resign him this offseason. I'll be one of the least happy people in the world if they do. I don't want Pedro to leave on bad terms, because the last thing anyone needs is the media perpetuating a war of words between Pedro and the Mets. Pedro should just realize he isn't effective anymore, and call it a career. No needs to stick around getting beaten around like Glavine, Jose Lima, or pitchers of that sort.

I feel a little better now. Still, the Mets are in the middle of a 12-game span where they only play the Nationals and the Braves. I hoped they would go 10-2 over the dozen games. Halfway through, they're only 3-3. They're trying to give the division to the Phillies again. The last thing those pompous...(taking the high road here) need is another comeback division title. The only thing happening right now is the Brewers collapse. It has allowed the Mets some breathing room, so the Wild Card AND the division are both available to ride into October. However, as I cut myself off from saying before, the Phillies are cocky, and don't need inflated egos. The Mets need to either win the division, or beat the Phillies in the NLCS to shut them up.

I had a lot more I wanted to say, but T.O. (fantasy purposes) is making it very hard for me to write an angry blog right now.

(just kidding, he should have been fired last year)

I need to start blogging about football. Look for that this week.


Eric said...

I feel like you need a shoulder to lean on right now.

Anonymous said...

Jesus titty fuckin christ Travi, as much as I enjoy football, I do appreciate the baseball posts. I depend on you and the Mets website for baseball info. Now that I'm back in LA and you're working and shit, I've been deprived of your knowledge and any general talk of the mets! Which is bad...because I might then become a Yankee fan! How would you feel about that?!

Travis Miller said...

I'd send Gary out to L.A. to kill you.