Saturday, January 3, 2009

Terrifying NFL Playoff Predictions

This ought to be interesting.

AFC Wild Card:

Indianapolis (-2.5) @ San Diego
Colts/Bolts is ALWAYS a great game. Bolts are playing their best football of the season (?), and playing at home. Peyton Manning was just named MVP, the Colts are also playing their best football of the season, which is better than the Chargers' best football of the season, and Indy has revenge on its mind from last year. As long as Manning isn't out taking a hike (get the reference?), Colts advance.
Pick: Indianapolis

Baltimore (-2.5) @ Miami
What's interesting about the AFC playoffs is the two lower ranked teams are both favorites on the road. No respect for the division champs! Everybody involved is probably happy, though. The Colts and Ravens get to play in warm weather, though they'd have significant advantages in the colder weather and at home. Regardless, it doesn't matter here.
Pick: Baltimore

NFC Wild Card:

Atlanta (-2.5) @ Arizona
Again, the lower-ranked visitor is the favorite. This is the toughest game for me to pick, just because I'm thinking too much about it. Arizona sucks, but can be very dangerous. Matt Ryan is young, but plays like a veteran. Against my better judgment...
Pick: Arizona

Philadelphia (-3.5) @ Minnesota
I don't think this has ever happened before where the Wild Card team is the favorite in each opening round matchup. Philly wants it more. Minnesota's offense can't roll with Philly's D. Stephen A. Smith needs to hit me with a "Quite Frankly" right now.
Pick: Philly

0-4? I'm not playing against the spread this week, I just posted the numbers to emphasize how strange it is for all visitors to be favorites.


Eric said...

Miami will win. The rest I agree with.

Travis Miller said...

no way miami takes that game. that's my most confident pick!

that being said, you're probably right!

Eric said...

We'll see. 1-1 after the first day.

Travis Miller said...

I can't believe the Colts lost.

Chris Barrows said...

Up to 2-1, one game to go Miller.

Eric said...

I can't believe they lost either! Congrats, 3-1. I went 2-2. That's why I stopped playing those tickets.