Sunday, January 18, 2009

Who's Going To the Super Bowl?

I'm predicting an all-Manning Super Bowl. This way, people won't be so obsessed with the commercials due to a boring game.

Oh. Damn.

There are three "teams of destiny" playing, so one has to lose. The Steelers are the only team playing without destiny on its side. Sucks for them, apparently.

AFC Championship
Ravens @ Steelers
Pittsburgh won both regular season matchups, which if history indicates anything, means the Ravens will win today.


The Steelers' offense is as balanced and healthy now as it has been since the first two weeks of the season. Pitt's D is still Pitt's D. The Ravens lose this one, going away. I'm seriously talking double-digits. Nobody is expecting what's about to happen today.

NFC Championship
Eagles @ Cardinals
Why are either of these teams here? I hate the city of Philadelphia so much right now.

Pick: Philly and a knife in my toe, please.

Pray for 0-2 so the state of Pennsylvania gets no love.


Eric said...

Steelers vs Cards

Chris Barrows said...

Whatever we did, we jinxed the Eagles. Good job us.

Travis Miller said...

I'm so happy I got the Eagles pick wrong. SO happy.

Eric said...

I win.

Travis Miller said...

Comment at 5:41 and you're declaring yourself the winner? Hmm...

Eric said...

Philly had the momentum at that point!

Travis Miller said...

Fine, I'll give it to you*

Eric said...

Get that asterisk outta here, I'm no Barry Bonds

Travis Miller said...