Saturday, January 10, 2009

Oh, Crap! I Forgot My NFL Picks!

The second half is just about to start between Baltimore and Tennessee. The game is tied, 7-7 and I was covering a swim meet/writing up the story, so I didn't get to watch much of the first half. I swear.

Let's pretend I'm doing my picks in a timely fashion. Give me a pass if this seems rushed!

Baltimore over Tennessee

Steelers over Chargers

Panthers over Cardinals

Giants over Eagles

I love the home team in three of the four games, and I really just need the Eagles to lose so Philadelphia fans can go back to the deep, dark hole they came out of a few months ago when the unspeakable happened.

3-1 last week. Can it happen again???


Travis Miller said...

2-2? No way the Chargers beat the Steelers.


Eric said...

You are correct, sir.

Chris Barrows said...

Does this mean I have to listen to Eagles fans for another week?

Travis Miller said...

Well I don't see them losing to the get ready for a long winter.