Monday, June 30, 2008

I like more than baseball(just not the NBA yet)

Something must be said about the terrific Euro 2008 tournament. I'm not a fan of the sport of Soccer, but it's hard to not like what you saw. To see a team not win a major event for 44 years and take victory yesterday, is tremendous. Congrats to the people of Spain, you're victory I'm sure means a very large party.

Now, I'm not the biggest NBA fan but the NBA draft did occur recently. In the draft, number one went to the hometown kid. Any of the top five picks in the draft were incredible picks, but Rose and Beasley both had a tremendous upside, and were by far the best choices, as was made clear by ESPN, Foxsports, and every other sports network you watch.

My favorite team of years ago, who I will not even pretend to have followed in years, gave me no reason to follow them again. The New York Knicks drafted Danilo Gallinari. I personally don't give that Gallinari's father played with the current Knick's coach. All I know is there were better picks available.

I am not a fan of picking people whom haven't played in the American version of the sport yet in any sport, and the same goes for the NBA. Europeon players don't always work out, and I just don't see this one working out well for the Knicks. Prove me wrong, I'm fine with that, but you're going to have to for me to watch the Knicks again.

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