Tuesday, June 17, 2008

no. No. NO! NOOOO!

Omar Minaya fired Willie Randolph about six hours ago, despite the Mets winning their second consecutive game, and glimmers of hope shining from the offense and the bullpen. Not only was Randolph fired, but so were pitching coach Rick Peterson and first base coach Tom Nieto. They're bringing up some no-names from minor league squads to take the coaching jobs, and bench coach Jerry Manuel is taking over as manager. He's got experience managing, and a few years under his belt coaching in New York...but seriously. Firing Willie was not the answer.

I'm not excited for the rest of this season and I'm not excited for the new ballpark in 2009. This is absolutely ridiculous.

Beltran is just heating up, and he's one of those players that can carry the team when he's hot...and when he's hot, everyone around him flourishes. Let's watch it all go down the drain now.


ERnie said...

Become a Dodgers fan. But seriously, you know how I feel about this. Horrible move!

Michael J. Clark said...

Let's play our favorite game...what didn't Minaya say at his press conference today?

"I couldn't say that Willie Randolph would be the coach for the entire year. What if we lost 15 straight? We'd have to fire him."

"Jerry Manuel is our manager for the entire year"

"I'm kind of a douchebag for doing this to a guy who I've just made into my personal whipping boy."

ERnie said...