Sunday, June 8, 2008

I hate the Yankees

It's always brewing inside of me, but when the Mets lose 2-1 THREE straight days, then I really start to get pissed. I need to take my anger out on something other than my team's inept offense.

I don't really know where to start, so maybe I'll just work my way backwards. Whenever I'm watching the Yankees with my dad, a Yankee fan, we make bets every so often--be it a key point in the game, or any Derek Jeter at-bat since he knows how much I hate him.

Anyway, Joba is starting today on a low pitch count again. He had a decent first inning with a strikeout to end it (OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOH!!) so of course Yankee fans get all hot and bothered. Give him the Cy Young already.

So then Jeter gets up in the bottom of the first and my dad and I make a bet. I say he flies out to right, he says he gets a base hit. Mind you, we're watching on TV, but my dad also has his headphones on and he's listening to Suzyn Waldman and John Sterling on the radio, about five seconds ahead of the image on the televison. So he hears Jeter's single before I do, so he rubs it in that he was right before I even know what's about to happen. Then in typical Yankee fashion, Bobby Abreu steps up and hits it into the upper deck. I've had enough of the Yankees for today and we aren't even through the first inning. I decide to go write a nasty blog about how much I hate the Yankees. Congratulations, you can beat the Royals. Let's throw a party. Michael Kay is a scumbag.

YESTERDAY was a prime example of everything I hate about the Yankees. They won 12-11...AGAINST THE ROYALS. On a walk-off hit by Johnny Damon who went 6-for-6. I give him credit, six hits in a game is impressive. But I still hate the Yankees, and they shouldn't be giving up 11 runs to the Royals. I hate the Yankees.

I didn't watch Friday's game, and of course the Yanks lose. What, you can't beat the big bad Royals? Man, I hate the Yankees!

THURSDAY was probably the worst of the worst. I was in and out of the room...if you know me, you know I'm a pretty supersticious person when it comes to sports. If I wear my Mets hat on a given day and the Mets lose, I'm not wearing that hat again for awhile on days they play. Like many fans, I think the shampoo or deodorant I use affects the outcome of games. If the Mets don't allow a run in the field while I'm watching, I watch every inning they're in the field. It sounds fine, but it gets complicated when I leave the room while they're at-bat and they score. Then I have to leave the room while they're up so they can score, but be in the room when they're in the field so they don't allow any runs.

Back to Thursday against Toronto, the Yankees grabbed a quick 2-0 lead, so I had to leave the room so they would stop scoring. I came back and the Blue Jays had tied it, 2-2. So I left the room again, and I came back and the Jays were winning 7-2! I decided to stay a bit, but then a couple of long balls later, it was 7-6. It lasted that way until late in the ballgame where Farnsworth got in some trouble, allowed a run, could have allowed more but didn't, everyone is talking about how Joba should still be in the bullpen, things are looking good for Toronto.

Then my dad came home.

Bottom 9, this happens, that happens, Matsui gets an RBI, it's 8-7 Jays, and my dad asked if the Yankees would lose or go to extras. I told him it wouldn't come down to extras because Giambi was coming up, swinging for the fences. I don't know what it is about Giambi, but he's like Tino just get that gut feeling when he's about to go deep. Sure enough, it is high, it is far, IIIIIIIIIIIIIIT IS GOOOOOOOOOONE. Game over, congrats, you beat the Blue Jays.

I hate the Yankees.

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ERnie said...

This is a horrible story, I feel so depressed.