Sunday, June 22, 2008


Seems as thought I'm not the only one who thinks Derek Jeter is overrated. In a poll conducted by Sports Illustrated, 495 current MLB players were asked who the most overrated player is. The winner of this illustrious award? Derek Jeter. The captain garnered 10% of the votes, beating out household names like Barry Zito and Alex Rodriguez.

Unfortunately, this survey seems flawed. Alex Rodriguez is not overrated. Manny Ramirez is not overrated. David Wright is not overrated. These names all appeared on the list.

I've got to be honest. I don't think Jeter is the MOST overrated player in the game. He's up there, but not the most. This poll isn't very reliable, it's just funny that Jeter came out on top. I love it.

Notes from today's NYY-CIN game:

Michael Kay is an idiot.

-He mentioned that the Reds' starting pitcher, Johnny Cueto, is among the league leaders in home runs allowed. Kay went into a rant about how it isn't fair for Cueto and Brett Myers, as well as other pitchers who pitch in hitters' parks, because a routine fly ball in other parks is 10 rows up in Cinci or Philly. every park should be designed like Yankee Stadium? Where a 315-foot pop up to left field earns you four bases, and if you hit it 350 feet, it's in the upper deck? Just shut up.

-David Cone (I think) was talking about Joey Votto and how his great season is flying under the radar (I called this, but I don't want to talk about the Nick Johnson thing). Cone then starts to talk about how Cincinnati's roster is full of great names.
Cone: "Joey Votto, Johnny Cueto...sounds like a bunch of guys trying out to be on the Sopranos!"
Kay: "Edinson Volquez..."

Cueto is from the Dominican Republic and Votto is Canadian, but the names at least sound Italian. But Volquez? Just shut up.

-Sidney Ponson is expected to be named the Yankees' starting pitcher for the second game of Friday's split-stadium doubleheader. Maybe the Mets will sign Jose Lima again so we can have a real dandy of a game. Now that I've said this, Ponson will probably throw 7+ of shutout ball.

Willie always welcome in the Bronx
-I never thought I'd be hoping that Joe Girardi KEEPS his job in New York, but now that Willie Randolph has been fired, the chances of him going back to the Bronx in some way, shape, or form, are great. I'd be torn if Willie were to manage the Yankees. I'm incapable of rooting for Willie to fail or do bad. In a perfect world, Girardi won't deliver Hank's desired results, and Willie will find a new managing job before one opens up on 161st street.


ERnie said...

Listening to Vin Scully call a game is watching a game in heaven. Three announcers cannot compare to just him.

I think Willie should go to LA :)

Travis Miller said...

Do you have a bigger crush on Vin Scully or Ken Griffey, Jr.?

just wondering.

ERnie said...

Imagine Scully calling the 600 homer of Junior Griffey? That would certainly be something.

Michael J. Clark said...

I may lose my Yankee fan card by saying this, but I'm going to anyway. Derek Jeter is absolutely overrated. So was Don Mattingly. Obnoxious Yankee fans have always defended Jeter by spouting off his rings (3). While Jeter is a great player and has made many clutch plays for the Yankees, he is by no means deserving of having the third highest salary in the league.

ERnie said...

My jaw is on the floor right now. Did a Yankee fan just say Jeter is overrated?>?? It must be snowing in hell right now.

Chris Barrows said...

I have to agree with Clarkie. I like Jeter, he's a huge part of the Yankees. He's definitely above average, no doubt, but he gets paid far too much(as does pretty much everyone).