Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Who Knew...

That the tall, kind of goofy one time backup center for the Red Hook Raiders would take Vegas by storm? As we speak, Matt Vengrin (Veng $) has made it to the final six at event 29 of the World Series of Poker. But wait....there's more. Matt has more than twice the amount of chips as John Phan, who sits in second place. Can Vengrin pull this off? Let's hope so.

Update: 8:09 p.m. by Travis
Vengrin has slipped to third place with four players remaining. He is guaranteed at least a $137,343 payout and can earn $434,789 with a win. His progress can be tracked live here.

Update: 8:44 p.m. by Michael J
The dream is over for Veng$. But a $167,973 payday is not too shabby. Nice job finishing third. Let's see how he does for the rest of the WSOP.


ERnie said...

Good for him.. Anyone know what hand did the damage to him? Going from doubling the second stack to 3rd with 4 left is quite a blow.

Travis Miller said...

he lost the chip lead to a pair of 10's. i'm not sure what he was packing in the pocket but it looks like he was taking a gamble with A-K or A-J

on the table was 10 diamonds, Q spades, 7 diamonds, 2 hearts, and 4 spades

ERnie said...

Ah, thanks. Tough break, but that's poker. Still wouldn't mind 100+k prize money.