Friday, June 27, 2008

Too bad the Yankees are Pedro's daddy.

After a slugfest like the one that went on this afternoon, the Mets should be eating, drinking, and breathing pure, 100% adrenaline.

Two homers and nine runs batted in for Carlos Delgado, five runs scored for Luis Castillo, four hits for David Wright, a bunch of two-out hits, 14 hits total, and 15 runs as a team.

Unfortunately, Pedro is pitching tonight. Granted, the opposing pitcher is SIDNEY PONSON, but Pedro is 11-10 career vs. the Yankees, the only team he has double-digit losses against. The Yankees know how to hit--and the Yankees know how to hit Pedro. Tonight will be a short night for Pedro and a long night for both bullpens.

Johan Santana, on the other hand, is 4-0 career against the Yanks. I look forward to tomorrow.

Yes, I left this wide open for the baseball gods to strike irony upon my blog yet again.


ERnie said...

Holy 9 RBI Batman! The guy who has him in our league has him on the bench

Travis Miller said...

like how I had Rich Harden benched last night?

bunch of grade-A managers in our league, let me tell you!

ERnie said...

Ouch! What the hell did you bench him for? Way to go butthole

ERnie said...

How'd you like that not no-hitter, no-hitter last night?

Travis Miller said...

I was blogging about it but then I realized I didn't have much to's just ironic that they get no hits and win 1-0...then they get three hits and lose 1-0

Travis Miller said...

i pretty much see why you hate the angels now

but i still <3 them

ERnie said...

You see Weaver's face when he got pulled for a pinch hitter? The dude was pissed.

Its all AL teams, especially on the road. Dodgers just suck against them.