Monday, June 16, 2008

San Diego likes Wood(s)

It's Monday afternoon. After gracing the 20 mile radius of Scranton attempting to get interviews with just about every golf course in existence, I was in the golf mode.

Of course, thanks to Tiger Woods, there is golf on the television today. After his Pierce like comeback[sorry, that was required] yesterday to tie Rocco Mediate on the 18th hole, he and Rocco are in a duel.

Now, I'm not the biggest golf fan in the world. Quite frankly, I'd rather go play the sport. When you look around Torrey Pines in this US Open, however, there isn't an empty spot to stand. It's amazing one one man can do for a sport. And I don't mind a one man wrecking crew like Tiger. It's not like it's a team sport like the NBA where I could careless for Mr. Kobe Bryant.

Woods currently holds a two stroke lead, but is in danger of losing a stroke or two after he drove the ball into the bunker on the 8th hole. Rocco should gain a stroke on this hole, making it a one stroke lead going into the 9th hole.

I'll stick to watching Golf today, and keep you posted on the action as it continues.


So here we stand, the 15th hole and both players are at +2. Tiger held a lead of three strokes not that long ago, and now stands in danger of losing the lead after missing the fair way on 15.

Tiger has given Rocco all the chances in the world today. If Rocco was in the Elite of the golf world, he'd have already won this. Tiger is lucky that he's still in this today. While I'm finding it hard to not cheer for Rocco, it's been frustrating watching him miss huge putts in this tournament. The announcers have it exactly right. Tiger handles the pressure, and he sinks the key putts. That's what truly separates Tiger from the rest of the world.

Oh, he also draws quite a bit of people. I wonder why the PGA likes him so much?

Go Rocco go! Gorgeous putt and now the pressure is on Tiger. It's very rare you see Tiger put under pressure. Three holes left to go go following this putt and Tiger is being given a run for his money.

While in the end, I'd still put my money on Tiger, it's been entertaining. Needless to say, after missing a putt to the right, Tiger is now one stroke down to Rocco Mediate. Three holes to go.


Travis Miller said...

remember that time I picked Mark O'Meara to win? I think I also said Tiger wouldn't be in contention.

man, I suck.

ERnie said...

That's just Tiger being Tiger... sorry. Woods is just amazing.

Michael J. Clark said...

you can always count on ernie to make the controversial statements...woods is just amazing