Friday, April 11, 2008

Yanks/Sox starts tonight!

Did you feel the same emptiness and lack of adrenaline when you read that headline?

So did I.

I'm not tired of hating Jeter. I'm not tired of Manny being Manny. I'm not tired of the Steinbrenners addressing the media, nor am I tired of Curt Schilling's Web site rants.

I just think with upstart clubs such as the Rockies (they aren't for real, but they get tons of hype), Diamondbacks, Indians, Tigers, among others, the Yankees and Red Sox are taking a back seat, and the media needs to realize it.

Granted, I don't think any new rivalry will reach quite the level that Boston and New York did over the last five years, but it's time to move on before it gets beaten to death.

Here's my vote for the new enmity:
The Rays and Royals finally square off at the Trop in a four-game set July 4-7. I'm shocked the games aren't sold out yet. Anybody down for a trip to St. Pete?

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Chris Barrows said...

Count me in for the Rays game anytime Miller.