Saturday, April 5, 2008

When American League games drag on and bore the hell out of you...

I thought NASCAR was my only other option! Thanks to routine, I changed the channel to SNY during the 3rd inning of the Yanks/Rays game, and what did I find?

June 16, 1997! The first ever interleague game between the Mets and Yankees. You'll never see this one on Yankees Classics (like you'll never see game five of the 2000 World Series on Mets Classics). Forget the outcome of the game (of course the best team won that day), but check out these starting lineups--this throwback is enjoyable for fans of either team:

New York Yankees
SS - Derek Jeter
2B - Pat Kelly
RF - Paul O'Neill
DH - Big Daddy Cecil Fielder
1B - ConstanTino Martinez
3B - Charlie Hayes
LF - Mark Whiten
CF - Chad Curtis
C - Joe Girardi
SP - Andy Pettitte
RP - Graeme Lloyd

New York Mets
CF - Lance Johnson
RF - Bernard Gilkey
1B - John Olerud
C - Todd Hundley
DH - Butch Huskey
RF - Carl Everett
2B - Carlos Baerga
3B - Matt Franco
SS - Luis Lopez
SP - Dave Mlicki

The first base umpire was Don Denkinger, infamous for the blown call at first base in game six of the 1985 World Series.

Somewhere, Dave Mlicki and Mark Whiten are googling their names to see if anybody remembers them. They will stumble upon this blog and it will make their day.


ERnie said...

I used to love Mlicki for some reason.

Chris Barrows said...

Pat Kelly could be doing the same thing.

Travis Miller said...

I actually didn't like Mlicki. I think this may have been his only good start. Ever.