Thursday, April 24, 2008

What a fantastic poll question!

ESPN's Page 2 always has reasonably humorous poll questions, but the one I just saw takes the cake:

Who is your favorite Dallas Cowboy?

Tank Johnson
Pacman Jones
Terrell Owens
Tony Romo

What a crew!

I haven't answered the question yet, so I'm going to work through it as I blog.
We can begin by eliminating Tony Romo. Page 2's style is to have three logical answers and one joke answer (which everyone usually chooses), but here, they only have one logical answer. Romo is a very likeable guy, great with the media, an excellent quote, and he knows his stuff. I remember a press conference where he came out to talk to the press, still dirty, in a wife beater, and he just seemed like a down-to-earth, blue collar guy. Even still, I have to knock him out first. He hasn't shown me that pizzazz yet to set him apart. Maybe he needs to make some funny commercials. Like Peyton Manning or Warren Wallace.

Next out is Tank Johnson. I get a kick out of his legal troubles, but he seems like he might actually kill me someday. He's missing the comedic value that Pacman and T.O. have.

When it comes down to Jones and Owens, I appreciate what both of them bring to the NFL other than raw talent. Pacman is the pimp of the NFL like Ricky Williams is the pothead of the NFL. He openly admits his need to shower strippers in dollar bills. He's not ashamed!
With that, I eliminate Pacman.

I love reading about him, he's a great player (I detest that he's a Mountaineer, but we'll get over it), but the nature of the question just makes me appreciate the face time that T.O. gets on offense compared to what Pacman might get on defense.

I'm voting for T.O., but leaving it open in the grand scheme of things in case Pacman wins me over with a nice end zone dance on a pick-for-six if he ever gets reinstated.

The Cowboys might be more fun to follow than the Bengals this upcoming season. Maybe Big D can swing a trade to acquire Ocho Cinco! That would be amazing.

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