Tuesday, April 22, 2008

MLB scheduling sucks (or does it?) and other banter

Ever since interleague play started, scheduling has become a huge issue for Major League teams. My fine example tonight is the Mets and the Cubs. They played yesterday and today. Then they don't play again until September. Serious? I like Wrigley! I like seeing Wrigley! But as a Mets' fan, this was my only chance to see it this season!

Then again, also as a Mets' fan, I'm thrilled we only play there once seeing as how we can't seem to score runs against the Cubbies, nor can we get Kosuke Fukudome out. That's what I get for trashing him before the season even started. Not only does he appear legit, but he rubs it in my face when he plays my team.

But that's neither here nor there. My point is I'd like to see certain teams more than six times a season--on that same note, there are teams (Braves? hello.) I'd love to see a few less than 19 or 20 times a season. Just as the Yankees don't want to see the Rays as much as they do. Of course, they're probably just fine with playing the central juggernaut Kansas City Royals six times a season.

Ron Darling made a great point during today's broadcast. It was the bottom of the 6th or top of the 7th when he started talking about how most teams have stressed not just having a great closer, but also a top-of-the-line setup man. Since teams have solid 8th and 9th inning pitchers to rely on, the important stats will be coming out of the 7th inning this year. You figure with pitch counts and the Mike Mussina's of the world being what they are, a starter is normally good for the first six innings, then you've got a Joba or a Carlos Marmol in the 8th inning followed by a Takashi Saito or Francisco Cordero in the 9th, so offenses are looking to do damage in the 7th inning. In the Mets' case, we haven't put Duaner Sanchez into the 8th inning role where he belongs, so we got lit up again late today.

Quick fantasy note. Here are a couple of rules I always implement:
1) Never draft anybody on your favorite team. They'll get hurt or suck.
2) Always draft good players you hate. If they do good, it's less of a ball-buster. Chase Utley is a prime example. If he gets hurt and sucks, it works out for me too. The only time I don't use this is with Derek Jeter. I've only had him on my team once and that was so I could bench him all year.


ERnie said...

I remember an interesting stat that I heard from an announcer not too long ago, it might have been Darling when he was broadcasting a Dodger vs Braves game. In 1968, something in the upper 60% of starters went 6 (or 7?)IP or more. Last season, the number was in the low 30% region.

I laughed about Jeter. I trade away players that i draft from my favorite team to Mets fans. How's Andruw working out for you? Don't worry, he's pissing me off more than he is you.

Sabathia FINALLY had a great game. 0 ER with 11 K. First time all season he didn't give up at least 50 runs.

Travis Miller said...

great. now my only smart move is backfiring on me.

Travis Miller said...

and yeah. with pitch counts being so important nowadays, you rarely see a pitcher who consistently throws 7 innings.

why can't we go back to the old days where there was no conditioning. just drink a six-pack before the game and go out and throw like there's no tomorrow.

we recently lost our last glimmer of hope: David Wells.