Sunday, March 23, 2008

The story of a technologically inept blogger and his NCAA bracket[s]

So I submitted three brackets online. Two of which I blogged about [via Facebook + Yahoo! Sports], and then my ESPN bracket which I did not share on the blog.

Here's my drama:

ESPN never even submitted. So I go to check it the first day and I'm at 0.0%. I somehow neglected to completely send it through. Oh well, cut my losses and move on, right? Wrong.
I go to check Yahoo! and looking at my bracket, and I somehow forgot to pick the winning team in the championship game!! So we can throw that bracket out, too (quite willingly--I may have had Duke in the Final Four in that one).
So now I'm down to my final bracket--my Facebook bracket!
It's nothing to be proud of, your run of the mill mediocre bracket, but I must point out my one glimmer of hope. I took Davidson to the Elite Eight. Who stands in the Wildcats' way? My arch-nemesis, WISCONSIN!

If the Badgers beat Davidson on Friday, I promise I will write the most sincere apology for ripping those posers all season. But if the Wildcats are victorious, I will be dancing naked in the streets, chanting "WISCONSIN SUCKS!" as loud as my little vocal cords will allow me to!

...and Barrows will be taking pictures.

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