Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Is there an echo in here?

I hate Wisconsin.
They didn't even play today!
I just hate the Big Ten.
Ohio State, loser of four straight games, somehow comes back from a reasonable deficit in the second half to force overtime and then beat Purdue, knocking the Boilermakers out of their first place tie with the Badgers in the Big Ten.

I'll admit that I was wrong that Wisconsin was not a pretender, and even after that I said they wouldn't finish in the top three in the Big Ten, so I'm wrong again. I'm used to that, but this is crap! You know how the ACC is going to be decided? By the top two teams playing each other on the final day of the season. Duke will not lose to Virginia in their tune-up for UNC tomorrow night, and the Heels will not lose to Florida State tonight (already in progress, Carolina has a comfortable double-digit lead).

I understand that it's just a really great coincidence that the ACC will be decided this way, and I'm probably just really bitter that Wisconsin is going to win the conference title in the most anti-climactic of ways, but seriously, the Big Ten sucks! If they get more than four teams into the Big Dance, I'm going to vigorously type another angry blog.

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