Thursday, March 13, 2008

Expectations for next week:

I'll be on the road all day Sunday, on my way down to Blacksburg for the week. I'll miss the men's selection show, but I'll try to fill out a bracket that night and post a screenshot up here with some quick analysis and a few upset watches.

Monday evening I'll have a little breakdown of the women's bracket and how far I expect the Red Foxes to go.

Tuesday I'll hopefully be able to post some pictures from the Yankees/Virginia Tech game being played in Blacksburg. After the Yankees donated $1 million to the Virginia Tech Relief Fund, they agreed to play an exhibition game against the Hokies in Spring Training. Lucky enough for me, it's the week I'll be there! The VT Bookstores are also selling Yankees hats in VT colors. I think that's pretty cool, so even though I hate the Yankees, I might pick one up.

Wednesday is MARIST vs. VIRGINIA TECH in Softball! It's my reason for existing. I hear this Angela Tincher girl (please visit her profile, her stats will blow your mind) is pretty decent. They're giving away her trading card to the first 500 fans, so I'm hoping to get one. But I'm rooting for Marist, obviously. I even made signs!

**This schedule is subject to change--mostly based on whether or not I can access the wireless network at VT. I may have to download software or something, or sign in using my Hokie Passport (which expired about four years ago after I left there).
**Also weather permitting. It's supposed to rain Tuesday through Thursday! Boy, would that piss me off!

Wish me luck!

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