Thursday, March 6, 2008

I need you now tonight. I need you more than ever.

Albert Pujols has a high-grade tear in a ligament in his elbow. For now, he has elected not to have surgery, but at some point will need reconstructive surgery. Chances are it will blow out early in the season and he's gonna end up getting Tommy John surgery and will be out for a long while. Chris Duncan will probably move to first base, leaving an open outfield spot for....JUAN GONZALEZ!!

He needs to stay healthy, too, though. So much for my pick of the Cardinals to win the Central. It's fine, I'm over it.

Great news for Mets fans (sarcasm)! Moises Alou is hurt already! Out 4-6 weeks. Since we traded Milledge and Gomez (note: I am NOT complaining. I love Johan <3), I guess our outfield will look a little something like this:

Endy Chavez
Carlos Beltran
Ryan Church


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