Saturday, March 22, 2008

Getcha cinderella slippers ready!

Since you all watched the Marist/DePaul game, I don't need to recap it for you, but I'll run down some highlights:

Rachele Fitz - 23 points
Julianne Viani - 18 points (16 in the second half, and numerous clutch three-pointers)
Meg Dahlman - 11 rebounds

Marist - 20 assists, seven turnovers
- Trailed 55-44 in the second half before exploding on a 32-2 run to finish the game
- 42% from long range. They didn't start hot, but they ended hot, and they hit the big shots when it counted.

The bad news - The Red Foxes shot 57% from the line. They can't do that against LSU, assuming LSU wins tonight.

Giorgis will have a late night checking out LSU's game and coming up with a game plan. I have faith.

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