Thursday, March 27, 2008

The softer side of Bobby Knight!

The General appeared on Sportscenter tonight sporting a pink sweater. The guys did their segment on Sweet 16 analysis and I didn't even notice it. Then at the end of the segment, Dickie V, with impeccable acting skills, asked Coach Knight why he was rocking such an interesting sweater. Bobby then took a minute of face-time to explain his wife's involvement in Breast Cancer awareness and gave the movement a hot shoutout.

I like this, mainly because it's on a much bigger stage than people are normally exposed to it. My exposure to the issue (in the realm of the sporting world) has been limited to women's college sporting events (basketball, softball), which don't have nearly as large of a fan base as men's college sports, or Sportscenter in this case, so only those with a keen interest in women's sports were aware of the efforts being made by the NCAA to raise awareness. This is a good step.

It's not like a one-minute blip will change the world, but allowing the General to bring it up is progress.

Next, I'd like to see UCLA playing in pink jerseys.
Oregon fans would have a field day with that one.

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