Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Patriots Preview featuring Timbaland

New England Patriots (11-5)
Strengths: Brady to Moss, perhaps? The best team in the NFL last year will not even threaten with an undefeated season, but if Tom, Randy, and Wes are all clicking, the Pats will have their shot at vindication.
Weaknesses: Corners. With Asante Samuel bolting to Philly, the Pats are a bit light at the corner back position. Is Troy Brown still available?

2008/2009 Theme Song: I hear Belicheck is a Police fan. Which is why he enlisted Sting to write their rally song this year.

Every snap you take
Every huddle you break
Every single day
Every single play
I'll be taping you

Everything you say
Every plans you lay
I watch Favre get gray
I watch you pray
I am taping you

Oh Mangini
What did you do to me?
You're such a douche
Your Jets must louche

With no tape, I am lost without a trace
I wish that I could see Tony Dungy's face
LaDanian running all o'er the place
I don't care if you think I'm a disgrace
I'm begging Roger, Roger, Roger pleeeeeeease

Every snap you take
Every move you make
Every single play
Every single day
I'll be taping you.


Eric said...

I thought the Giants were the best team last year?

Travis Miller said...


Michael J. Clark said...

cold, eric....very cold