Monday, August 11, 2008


1) Have I ever ranted about how much I hate the Mets' bullpen? Pedro finally has a good start today (even though it was against the Pirates, I'll take it), and they managed to screw that up. I didn't know the Pirates, without Xavier Nady and Jason Bay, were even capable of scoring 7 runs. Well, against the Mets they are!

2) I hate when the Yankees play the Twins. No matter how good the Twins are, they'll never be able to take a series from the Yankees.

3) I hope I'm wrong about that like I am about everything else. Like this afternoon in the first inning of the Mets game when I told my sister I felt bad for the Pirates because the Mets were going to score 20 runs on them. I'll never take pity on an opponent ever again.

4) Even better for the Yankees is that the Rays have not only lost Carl Crawford to the DL, but now Evan Longoria! Trouble in St. Pete!

5) The Dodgers better destroy the Phillies this series. The Mets will probably have a hard time with the Nationals. Watch out for Florida to take first!

6) The Olympics have been pretty good so far. The swimming races are always intense. There were some epic ones last night where Katie Hoff lost to Rebecca Adlington by .07 seconds in the 400m freestyle then Jason Lezak had a legendary performance to help his relay team (including Michael Phelps) win gold. The difference in that race was only .08 seconds.

7) The storylines have been a bit much, like the Laure Manaudou (French swimmer) drama with Federica Pellegrini (Italian swimmer). Apparently Manaudou fled France to be with her boyfriend, Italian swimmer Luca Marin. Italian government wouldn't let Manaudou train with Pellegrini and Marin, so she went back to France, breaking up with Marin. Pellegrini and Marin started dating and then nude pictures of Manaudou were posted on the internet. Did you follow that? Yeah...excessive.

8) The Mets will not make the playoffs unless their starters go nine innings every day the rest of the way.

9) Yeah, I'm really bitter right now.

10) At least I have the Olympics. I even watched women's Water Polo this morning. The announcers on NBC really know how to instill an unsafe amount of patriotism in viewers.

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