Friday, August 15, 2008


Can I just say that my reactions while watching Nastia last night parred on Bela Karolyi's (if you haven't seen the video, you have to). Who'd a thunk that I'd get so into gymnastics? My favorite part of the night though had to be Bob Costas throwing it back to Al Trautwig by saying "And now let's see the elegant Nastia Liukin and the adorable Shawn Johnson." Adorable? Thanks for the journalistic objectivity, Bob. She's 16 years old. Just throwing that out there. Costas kind of sounded like that creepy 40 year old guy at the varsity girls soccer game that is not anyones father/uncle/teacher. Now that that's done, congrats to Nastia for having one of the most bad ass names ever and for kicking some 4'9" adorable gymnast butt.

Agree with Travis on Misty May-Treanor (I hate Matt Treanor) and Kerri Walsh. I've loved those two for years. Phelps is other-worldly, but people already knew that. I'm making a bold prediction, though. Michael Phelps will win silver on the 100 butterfly. He's still godly, but if people learned anything from the Super Bowl, perfection is near impossible. The Redeem Team (not sure how I feel about that name yet) has the racist Spain team coming up next. In this day, how can a whole entire team of adults think that making slanty eyes in their team picture wouldn't be a problem? Pau Gasol says that he wasn't a big fan of what they were doing, but he didn't speak up. That's extremely easy to say after everything went down.

Finally, good on my favorite tennis player James Blake (journalistic objectivity!) for knocking off Roger Federer yesterday. The changing of the guard is happening, people. Federer will never be the dominant force he once was anymore. And I could not be happier.

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Travis Miller said...

There's a reason I only refer to her as "Misty May."

Consider it loving her under protest.

Nastia and Shawn repped the gym mats hard last night. Nastia's clinching balance beam routine was superb, and the entire world should be shocked that China didn't win a gymnastics event.

China is a completely hit or miss country. Note its giant number of gold medals compared to the mediocre amount of silver and bronze. If they win, they win big. If they don't win, they tend not to place.