Friday, August 1, 2008

Best trading deadline in recent memory

It's just too bad my Manny BoSox jersey is now retro.

The winners at the deadline this year are all easy to figure out. Cubs, Brewers, ChiSox, Dodgers, Yankees, and Angels.

The losers? Tampa Bay and Arizona primarily, with honorable mention given to Boston, Florida, Philly, and the Mets.

Each winner made vast improvements to its team. The Dodgers and Angels each added necessary power to home run-deprived lineups, giving up minimal prospects to win now. The Dodgers really saved their own asses here, making up for that Casey Blake trade. The White Sox picked up Ken Griffey, Jr., which gives them another left handed power threat. The Cubs and Brewers each added a star pitcher they can keep for awhile. Brian Cashman was a flawless artist in July, bringing back memories of the '06 offseason when he unloaded Jaret Wright and Randy Johnson, and actually getting value for them. Picking up Sexson for virtually nothing, landing Nady and Marte from the Pirates, and then trading for Pudge (doesn't excite Yankee fans off the bat, but Cashman traded Farnsworth while his value was at its absolute HIGHEST)---the Yankees have been given the best possible opportunity to take the A.L. East.

Oh yeah, and when is the next time the Yankees ever have to face Manny Ramirez??

Tampa Bay loses since no moves were made to solidify the offense or bullpen. Arizona loses because they failed to keep pace with the Dodgers by landing another bat. The D'Backs apparently were in the hunt for Teixeira again, but were outbid the second year in a row.

I'm shocked Manny was traded, which is why Boston gets an honorable mention as a deadline loser, but getting Bay from the Pirates limits the losses offensively and upgrades the outfield defense in Bean Town. Bay is right-handed, so the Monster will juice up his numbers (Lowell-esque) , and he can hit 3rd, 4th, or 5th in any lineup. You just need to wonder what this drastic change does to the ball club and the fans. Psychological advantage in the East lays with the Yankees. Too bad for them they're playing the Angels right now and may not be able to act on that advantage until next week.

Finally, the top three N.L. East teams all get honorable mention as losers because none of them made a move to improve the roster. Sure, the Marlins picked up Arthur Rhodes, a lefty specialist from the A.L. West. He wasn't exactly facing Chase Utley and Ryan Howard in those situations. The Phillies picked up Joe Blanton...give me a break. He's pitched eight innings total since the trade, six against the Mets and two against the Braves (rain delay knocked him out), and he's given up seven earned runs to the tune of a 7.88 earned run average. Philly isn't exactly preparing a parade for him. Then there's the Mets, who did absolutely nothing. Hopefully they'll make a waiver move by the middle of August to sure up the outfield or bullpen. We'll see.


Eric said...

Can't wait for tonight

Travis Miller said...

perfect timing to be facing not only the D'Backs, but Randy Johnson, too!

Eric said...

Yea, I would have liked to see him go against Webb though. Webb has been destroying us this season... He's been destroying everyone this season.

So this trade must mean that Andy LaRoche or the other guy we traded will become a superstar. Unless that only works when we get players of say... Jose Offerman caliber?

Travis Miller said...

you're preaching to the choir.

victor zambrano for scott kazmir.

i'll be cursing the mets for that one for about....86 years.

Eric said...

Not being a Met fan, even I couldn't believe that trade went down. They must have gotten their Zambranos mixed up.