Friday, August 15, 2008

The Dodgers are my new second favorite team!

Props to them for bringing the Phillies down to earth, though I'm not sure if I'd rather face them or the D'Backs in the playoffs now that they have Manny--and Nomar is healthy, Loney, Blake, Kent, and Martin are producing...What's next?

Andruw Jones hitting higher than the Mendoza line when he's healthy?


Now the Mets need to just keep winning. Swept the Nats and now the lowly Pirates are up next. This is a great chance for them to garner a significant lead in the division. Philly goes to San Diego which doesn't seem too tough on paper, but you never know.

Maddux vs. Moyer
Young vs. Kendrick
Baek vs. Hamels

On paper it looks like a sweep for Philly, winning two of three at worst (losing the first game). San Diego has no offense, though, and their best hitters are left-handed which is money in the bank for Moyer.

Pelfrey vs. Davis
Martinez vs. Duke
Santana vs. Karstens

Karstens isn't invincible anymore, but it should be an interesting series with all the pressure on the Mets.

As for the west, the D'Backs go to Houston and the Dodgers host Milwaukee, whose eight-game winning streak was just snapped. The Dodgers manage to avoid C.C. and Sheets, but the Brewers are one of those teams that has a bunch of hit or miss pitchers in the 3-5 slots.

Webb vs. Rodriguez
Petit vs. Backe
Johnson vs. Oswalt

I think due to the pitching matchups, Houston has a decent shot to take two games this series.

Billingsley vs. Parra
Lowe vs. Bush
Kershaw vs. Suppan

L.A. benefits from the pitching matchups, each coming off of decent games. The Dodgers' pitching staff has done a great job of limiting the potent offenses, so they're hoping that happens again against a dangerous Breweres squad.

I'll give L.A. two wins in that series, overtaking Arizona to stand alone in first place. But they have to watch out, Penny throws against Colorado in game one of the next series.

I'll check out the A.L. soon. This Minnesota/ChiSox race is very underrated.

P.S. The Olympics are so good. Gymnastics and Swimming are fun sports to watch. Beach Volleyball is epic. Misty May and Kerri Walsh rock. I'll squirt tears if they lose.


Eric said...

Oh jeez Travi. You're not convincing me that the Dodgers are your 2nd favorite team. Penny won't pitch against Coloroda, he's on the DL.

Travis Miller said...

Sorry, Kerri Walsh and Misty May must be my second favorite team.