Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Deadline moves paying off

Every team seems to be benefiting from roster moves made in July, except the teams that didn't make any...coughcoughMetscoughcough.

The Angels and Mark Teixeira are enjoying a nice symbiotic relationship, Manny is producing in L.A., Xavier Nady is on another planet in the Bronx, and Jason Bay is fitting in nicely in Boston. Rich Harden and C.C. Sabathia are doing lovely in the N.L. Central, and even Joe Blanton had a nice start for the Phillies.

But the person who is enjoying his move the most is.........Jeff Karstens! The punk kid who doesn't wear his hat straight has two consecutive gems in Pittsburgh. Last week he threw six shutout innings against the Cubbies, and today he dueled Randy Johnson, throwing a two-hit, complete game shutout against the D'Backs. His only two starts of the year in the bigs, and he's thrown 15 scoreless innings against division leaders, and has yielded only seven hits.

Some players can't flourish in New York, and the way Karstens has started leads me to believe he may be joining Jeff Kent, Kaz Matsui, Bobby Cox, and Homer Bush on the list of players who couldn't cut it in the Big Apple but then made their name elsewhere.

Okay, I was just name dropping with Bobby Cox and Homer Bush...they didn't play well anywhere. You get the point.


Eric said...

"Manny is producing in L.A." Producing is the best word you could come up with!? The man is on fire. HE just hit another homer tonight.

Travis Miller said...

this might be the smartest move ever made in baseball history. think about Manny's mindset in Boston compared to L.A.--he wanted the trade so bad, maybe he wasn't trying at all in Boston, and now he's trying even harder to make them miss him. insane to think of what he's capable of.

Eric said...

Easily one of the greatest right handed hitters of all time.

Eric said...

pst He hit another one.. 4 homers in what? 5 6 games? This whole homerun thing is new to me.

Travis Miller said...

Manny Ramirez is REAL good.