Tuesday, July 15, 2008

NFC North power shift

Daaaaaa Bears signed Kevin Jones---that's right, my boy KJ, to a deal today to bring him to Chi Town.

Considering the Brett Favre drama, the inept offensive play calling in Detroit, and the distracting sexy parties in Minnesota, this move gives Chicago a good enough running game to open up WR routes. Chicago's defense is already among the best in the league, so I'm looking for them to take the NFC North this season. Minnesota will finish second, Green Bay third, and Detroit will be in the basement. They deserve it for letting him go and not giving him the ball last season.

I'm not starting on my NFL previews yet, but I gotta give KJ some love. His career has been ridden with injury, so he hasn't had a legitimate chance to show off how good he can be.


Eric said...

He's a scrub. The best player to come out of VT is BRUUUUUUUCE but you'd rather talk about Vick and KJ.

Travis Miller said...

As a Bills' fan, where would you put Corey Moore on the list?

Eric said...

As a pro, he was nothing. As a college player he was pretty damn good. Same thing with Jones IMO