Monday, July 28, 2008

The BoSox won't trade Manny.


He's too much of an integral part of that team, regardless of his attitude or his off-field remarks. He knows how to do his job, and he knows that he needs to perform in order to get paid. It's not like he's going to stop playing like he always does just because he's pissed off at Boston's front office.

On the side of the front office, they'd be absolutely insane to trade him. When you're a buyer at the trade deadline, you don't trade your stars--you don't even trade any of your starting eight (unless you're the 2006 Mets. Trading Xavier Nady did land them Oliver Perez, but I still don't think it should have been the starting right fielder that should have been used for bait, the Pirates would have taken farmhands.).

The Red Sox need Manny. He obviously doesn't need the Sox, but he's not the one in control of his own destiny. Whatever happens in the offseason will happen in the offseason, but Manny isn't going anywhere until then.

*UPDATE 6:00 p.m.*
I have to back off a little bit. The media is tearing the Manny storyline to shreds. If he does, in fact, get traded, I'll be completely shocked--but if he does get traded, it's probably because the media won't leave it alone and is making a much bigger story out of it than it should be.


Eric said...

Cmon Coletti, pull the trigger! But don't give Kemp.

Travis Miller said...

Do you think the BoSox would actually be looking at Kemp? They seem kind of stacked in the outfield. Crisp, Ellsbury, and Drew are all solid starters. They'd probably want a starter or a middle reliever...or maybe a nice catcher to take the place of Varitek next season.

(not implying Martin, though the Dodgers love to trade star catchers in their prime)

Eric said...

lol @ the comment in parenthesis. We have a decent catcher in AA/AAA. Just gave up a level A catcher in Santana, who was lighting up the league, for the oh so fucking great Casey Blake. I wouldn't mind sending Lowe over, or Penny. Even LaRoche (supposed 3B of the future). The way I see it, and this is probably why the Dodgers can't get any deals done, the untouchables are: Kemp, Ethier, Martin, Kershaw, Billingsley, Broxton and Loney. So you look at who's left and even though we have a deep farm system, its not much. Obviously and like everyone else, I don't see this deal going down. For the Dodgers, I don't see any significant deal going down. Unless its Greg Maddux again.

Eric said...

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