Friday, July 18, 2008

Gotta give 'em credit

Brian Cashman made one of the best moves by ANY team this season by picking up Richie Sexson. He was terrible with Seattle since they signed him, but with the kind of lineup around him that he's going to have in the Bronx, I expect him to put up impressive numbers in pinstripes. He's hitting in between Jorge Posada and Robbie Cano tonight and already has a hit.

The roster move is also paying other dividends as Cano is actually hitting! Sexson provides ample protection for Posada, and if Can, o starts hittingit's a "pick your poison" type of lineup expected of Yankee squads. Straighten out that pitching and this is a team poised to make a run. Even if they don't straighten out the pitching, we all know they can win 15-14 day-in and day-out.

They're also lucky to be facing the A's coming out of the All-Star break. Oakland is only six games out of the division, four and a half out of the Wild Card race, and they're seven games over .500, yet they dump Rich Harden and Joe Blanton as if they're 20 games under .500 and in last place. I'd criticize the moves more, but let's be brutally honest--Oakland isn't going anywhere this season, even if they make the playoffs. Maybe GM Billy Beane is facing that reality and preparing for his next move, whatever it may be. You never know with him. A's fans have pretty much learned just to accept that his roster moves work out eventually, more often than not...the championship banners hanging from the rafters is the only hole in his tenure.

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Eric said...

Agreed with Sexson. I cringed when I read the bottom line about it.

How the hell are there still Oakland fans?? That team must be losing so much money with everyone they dump off. Ridiculous.