Thursday, October 22, 2009

Week 7 Picks: Ignoring MLB for as Long as I Can

The Phillies are in. The Yankees are up 3-1. I've already written up the column I promised about which team I'll be rooting for. It's just waiting for the deed to be done so I can post it.

I'm not proud.

Week 6 Irony
- I picked the Broncos in hopes of them losing. I got the pick right. Damnit! They're still undefeated! HOW?!!

Week 6 Humility
- I went 8-6 last week, which was much better than my 4-10 implosion the week prior. One of my finer picks was the Titans, who only needed to lose by less than 10 points against the Patriots, in the cold and snow. They lost 59-0. And the Pats only played for two and a half quarters. Nice.

Week 6 Fantasy Purposes
- As I sat at Buffalo Wild Wings watching the 4 p.m. games, I watched Donovan McNabb throw up a huge brick against the Raiders. Luckily I was also watching Wes Welker having tons of fun in the snow. Peyton is back this week, and I need him to come up huuuuuuge because I'm playing against Tom Brady.

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Sunday 1 p.m.

49ers (+3) @ Texans
- Frank Gore is back, Michael Crabtree is going to be in the lineup. Should be a good day for San Fran. The Texans are playing well but stink at home. Confidence level: not high. Just checked my fantasy pick'em, completed Tuesday. I picked the Texans.

Packers (-7) @ Browns
- Green Bay has done its job against the bad teams this year, but the Browns have beaten the spread three straight weeks. Greg Jennings is DUE!

Chargers (-6) @ Chiefs
- KC has been playing teams tough the past few weeks, including beating the spread two straight times. Scared? I might be.

Colts (-14) @ Rams
- Why did Peyton Manning stop doing commercials?

Vikings (+5) @ Steelers
- This is probably the week that Pittsburgh turns things around. The Steelers hate me. I've gotten their game wrong EVERY SINGLE WEEK. They fail to cover every time I pick them, and the only time I didn't pick them, they beat San Diego handily.

Patriots (-16) @ Buccaneers
- Will not playing in the snow affect Tom Brady? I'm not sure. Would I still take the Pats if the spread were up around 40? Yes.

Sunday 4 p.m.

Jets @ Raiders (+7)
- Here's the thing with the Raiders. They look great one week, then completely die the next. The way the Jets looked last week compared to Oakland, there's no way New York should be favored in this game. But I'm falling for the trick and taking Oakland. I've only gotten the pick right in the Jets' games once this season, and that was easy because they were playing New Orleans.

Bills @ Panthers (-7)
- My train of thought here: Both teams are pretty bad this year. Pick Carolina to cover in hopes that I jinx them because I'm playing against DeAngelo Williams in fantasy this week. A low scoring game or a Panthers loss would hopefully mean he doesn't drop 29 points on me like he did on poor Sanger last week. That wasn't Sanger's only problem, since he was facing Thomas Jones and Tom Brady, too. I think I'm in big trouble this week.

Bears (+1) @ Bengals
- The Bengals peaked. Chicago is about to find its stride.

Falcons (+4) @ Cowboys
- Making my picks right now, I feel confident that it's going to be a good week. I'm setting myself up for a major heartbreak.

Saints (-7) @ Dolphins
- I have a terrible feeling that the Dolphins are going to show up to play and New Orleans will have a hangover from the beatdown of the Giants.

Sunday 8(ish) p.m.

Cardinals @ Giants (-7)
- Could be a good game. I'm hoping it is for about three quarters. Then New York wins by 8. Or 9. Or 10. Just more than 7, please.

Monday Night Futbol Americano

Eagles (-7) @ Redskins
- I'll point back to Week 5 when I mentioned twice that the Redskins will get hot as soon as bettors lose faith in them. Jim Zorn's job in turmoil. New guy calling plays. QBs are frustrated and confused. This has all the makings for an upset. NOBODY has the Redskins in this game. Not even me.

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