Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I feel sympathy for the Minnesota Twins

The Minnesota Twins are full of character and the team's playoff run is a great storyline going into the playoffs - Major League Baseball really needed this as a crutch for the way the NFL and NCAA without a doubt CRUSHED MLB in the month of September. There were barely any races, therefore, no way to distract fans away from fantasy football, even for a minute or two.

That being said, they're going to be mutilated by the New York Yankees, who are a complete machine of a team. Questions in the rotation do make them appear to be mortal, afterall, but it is a facade.

Members of the offense have been on and off in la-la land throughout the season, but with all of them fully concentrating on the task at hand, expect the Yankees to put up 14 in the first game. And in the second game. And in the third game...

Yankees over Twins in 3

Boston and Anaheim will be having a very underrated series. I really hate to watch the Yankees' top two foes go at it, but it's impossible for the Yankees to have to go through both the Angels and the Red Sox in a single postseason, so I guess it's good they have to play at least one of them.

Red Sox over Angels in 4

In the National League, the Phillies play the Wild Card Rockies. Like the Yankees, the Phillies' offense will not allow them to lose this series. The Rockies would be best to concede the Cliff Lee game to open the series and save their pitchers for the ensuing games.

Phillies over Rockies in 3

Can the Dodgers surprise the Cardinals? The Dodgers have lulled baseball fans to sleep with the way they finished, but think about it - that's a larger representation of what Manny does. He takes the end of the season off to rest up for the playoffs. Every year. Only difference this year is he wasn't shut down like usual. He played, just poorly. He'll be hot in the playoffs, which might be contagious in the clubhouse. The Dodgers are struggling to find pitching, compared to what I think is the best rotation in the playoffs. Oh yeah, and there's Albert Pujols.

Cardinals over Dodgers in 5

I will be mad if the Phillies represent the National League in the World Series. I will be mad if the Yankees represent the American League in the World Series. Should the two play for the World Series, I have not yet chosen which bomb shelter to check into. I'm not 100 percent decided on which team I would root for. Should the situation arise, I promise a pro/con list analyzing a Mets fans choices here.


Eric said...

I think you mixed things up a little bit.

Eric said...

Or maybe you just have it set up in a different way than what I expected.

Travis Miller said...

Yeah it was weird. You can see it was posted at like 2 a.m.

I got a quick bit of motivation to post on the playoffs and had to get something in.