Thursday, October 15, 2009

Week 6 Picks, MLB League Championship "Previews"

Due to excessive irony, humility, and a brutal fantasy week, I'll be skipping my favorite segment this time around. I went 4-10 against the spread, 7-7 in straight picks, when I guaranteed at least 12 correct. Absolutely disgusting. I said I'd quit if the Broncos beat the Pats, and even though I'm not quitting, my heart is absolutely not in it this week. Disgusting.

Time for a quick ALCS and NLCS preview: As I do every year, I went 2-2 in my Division Series picks.

Dodgers/Phillies - There is nothing worse than the thought of a Phillies repeat...even the Yankees winning. That's right. We all have to deal with Yankees fans, regardless of outcome. They'll never shut up. At least if the Phillies are humbled, they'll go back into hibernation for awhile. The Dodgers have the edge in the bullpen, so I'll ride that to the promised land.

Dodgers in seven.

Yankees/Angels - No, I won't be surprised when picking both L.A. teams to advance turns out to be wrong. Don't care. Down with Jeter!

Angels in four.

To the NFL!

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Sunday 1 p.m.

Texans (+5) @ Bengals
- Not jumping on the Bengals bandwagon. Not after what Carson Palmer did to my fantasy team last year. Nope. And not even if I'm 1-4 on the Texans' games...because I'm 1-4 on the Bengals' games, too. So I'll get this one wrong regardless.

Lions @ Packers (-14)
- Packers are coming off a bye and the Lions may not have their top QB or wide receiver. 4-1 on the Lions' games (tough, I know) and 1-3 on the Packers'.

Ravens (+3) @ Vikings
- Ever since I pronounced the Ravens as one of the best teams in the league, they're 0-2. I'm not ready to give up on them yet. 3-2 on each team's games.

Giants (+3) @ Saints
- This will be a good football game. We'll find out more about the Saints' offense and defense than we will about the Giants. I'm 4-0 with the Saints, 4-1 with the Giants.

Browns @ Steelers (-15)
- Steelers couldn't cover against the Lions. Should I be concerned about the weather? Perhaps. But the Browns only managed two field goals against the Bills. Lucky for them, the Bills only managed one field goal. 1-4 with Pittsburgh, 3-2 with Cleveland.

Panthers (-3) @ Buccaneers
- This would be embarrassing to get wrong. <---I think I'm about 0-5 after saying that, so go put your money on Tampa. QUICK! 4-1 on Tampa, 3-1 on Carolina.

Chiefs (+7) @ Redskins
- This might be about where the Redskins begin to turn things around. The media, and thus the entire world, has given up on Washington. 4-1 on Chiefs, 2-3 on Washington.

Rams @ Jaguars (-10)
- The Jaguars seriously lost 41-0 last week. Against the Seahawks. At least they're at home this week...and playing the Rams. 4-1 Rams, 2-3 Jags.

Sunday 4 p.m.

Cardinals (+3) @ Seahawks
- If the Seahawks being favored is a joke, I don't get it. 3-2 Seahawks, 1-3 Cards.

Eagles (-15) @ Raiders
- Peyton Manning is on a bye this week. Donovan is IN! Do work. 4-0 Eagles, 2-3 Raiders.

Titans (+10) @ Patriots
- I haven't lost faith in either team yet, but it's going to be about 45 degrees and rainy in Foxboro on Sunday. Low scoring game, gotta love the Titans to cover. 2-3 Tennessee, 1-4 Pats.

Bills @ Jets (-10)
- You would think with similar weather conditions, I would again stay away from a 10-point spread. But did you see the Bills play last week? No? Good. I'm doing Ernie a favor by picking the Jets because I'm 1-4 in their games, 2-3 with the Bills. Citing my stats makes me really sad.

Sunday 8 p.m.

Bears @ Falcons (-3)
- Not sure what to expect from this game. 50 fantasy points from Michael Turner? Don't mind if I do. 2-2 Bears, 3-1 Falcons.

Monday Night Football....!

Broncos (+4) @ Chargers
- I'm picking the Broncos so they'll finally lose a game. Please, just lose. You aren't deserving of a 5-0 record. Or a 4-1 record. Or a 3-2 record. (2-3 Broncos, 1-3 Chargers)

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Eric said...

I'd pick the Jets if they were giving 20 points. And what the fuck are you doing picking the Dodgers????? Keep your god damn baseball curses away from my team.