Monday, May 19, 2008

Umpires are great quotes

"I f---ed it up. I'm the one who thought it was a f---ing foul ball. I saw it on the replay. I'm the one who f---ed it up so you can put that in your paper. Bolts and nuts, I f---ed up. You've just got to move on. No one feels worse about it than I do." -Bob Davidson on blowing a call when he reversed a Carlos Delgado home run to a foul ball.

I didn't know umpires faced the press after games. Especially in the situation where YEAH, he blew the call, but Delgado still singled and got an RBI, and then the Mets went on to romp the Yankees, 11-2.

I guess it gives us something to write about since normalcy isn't at a premium yet in the MLB. The Rays, as good as they are, are only a game out of first, but let's be honest, they aren't that good.

The Marlins are still in first--don't even get me started. They're going through the Seattle/Texas syndrome where you dump your star player and suddenly you have team chemistry and you can win. It won't last much longer.

I think deep down we all knew that the Rockies were a fluke last season. They got hot at the perfect time in a crappy division. They're bottom dwellers again.

At least they'll always have the Giants to be in front of in the standings. San Fran is a team that will NOT go through Seattle/Texas syndrome. The changes that need to be made there have to start in the front office before that team starts winning.

The Cubs appear to have made one of the smarter acquisitions (so far) in the offseason by signing Kosuke Fukudome. I trashed that deal nonstop, but with a .416 on-base percentage, he can hit #2 in my lineup any day of the week.

Are the Yankees this bad? NOOOOOOO, but it's fun to watch them suffer in the first half of the season these past few years. They'll probably be the hottest team in the second half and finish with a respectable enough record so that Joe Girardi doesn't get the axe. Cashman, however, won't get a new contract.

The A.L. Central might be the most fun to watch down the stretch. Even though I picked them to win, the Tigers have been way too inconsistent. The Indians may have the best shot to run away with the division.

How are the Angels in first place? Neither of their top two pitchers have thrown a single inning this season. Scary to think how good they might be if Escobar and Lackey were healthy. Something tells me that the 3-4-5 pitchers who are now 1-2-3 pitchers wouldn't be putting up such outstanding numbers if they didn't have to rise to the occasion, though.

Arizona is goooood. Scary good.

Rafael Furcal can't carry the Dodgers all season offensively. On the mound, Penny and Lowe really need to find a groove.

That is all.


ERnie said...

DeWitt for ROY.

Travis Miller said...

I'm not so sure about that. Gotta watch out for Fukudome, Soto, and Votto.

The only thing DeWitt has going for him is that his last name doesn't end in a vowel.

ERnie said...

Just wishful thinking. Doubt he'll win it unless he really gets on fire. He's 6-6 12RBI with the bases loaded though.