Tuesday, May 13, 2008

MOM! Sit yo @$$ down!

LeBron James has looked more human than ever since the NBA playoffs started last month. The media has been killing him, opponents have been killing him, hell, even Papa John's has been killing him!

But last night, he was fantastic. I'm not a huge NBA fan, nor do I watch the playoffs--I actually think it lasts way too long, but the highlight of the entire playoffs happened last night.

The Cavs were beating the Celtics in Cleveland, and LeBron was on a breakaway. Paul Pierce wrapped his arms around James to intentionally foul him so as to not give him the easy deuce. It happens a lot in basketball, and he wasn't rough, didn't elbow him in the face, nothing of that sort, just wrapped his arms around LeBron and gently kept him on the ground, but momentum carried them both into the stands. Kevin Garnett went to make sure everything was okay, but there was a woman in the stands SCREAMING at Paul Pierce. KG went over to calm the woman down, when suddenly the whole world finds out it's LeBron's MOTHER screaming at Pierce for fouling her baby boy!

As KG was trying to calm her down, LeBron looks over and screams "MOM! SIT YOUR ASS DOWN! SIT YOUR ASS DOWN, MOM!"

LeBron apologized publicly after the game, and made light of the situation, being the day after Mother's Day, not the day of.

That, my friends, will be the best part of the NBA playoffs. LeBron screaming at his mother on live television.


ERnie said...

You're probably right when you say its the highlight of the playoffs. Which is sad when you consider its about 2 months long.

Travis Miller said...

40 games in 40 nights kills me. we could solve this with half the teams EASILY. especially from the east, where only four teams even deserved to be in the playoffs.

ERnie said...

Agreed. I think the NFL's playoff system is the closest to perfection. Roughly the same amount of teams in the three main sports, yet each one has a different number of teams going to its postseason. Six seems, to me, to be the right amount. Eight is too many, especially if each round is a seven game series. Baseball's four teams seems to be too little for my taste. Especially with a 162 game schedule. But, that's just my opinion.